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Our Services

Our unique blend of services focuses on more than just injury treatment to include preventative and wellness care. Expect to receive one-on-one, personalized care that you won’t receive anywhere else.

Our team takes a global movement approach when it comes to developing your treatment plan. We aim to address how the body moves naturally and use these principles of movement to develop a program that addresses the whole chain of motion rather than a single link.

Above all, we understand that you are an individual with your own desires and goals—your physical therapy should be just as personal.

We offer the following specialty services:

As a graduate of the Gray Institute’s GIFT program in 2015 Jennifer utilizes the AFS approach to treating the WHOLE body. This approach takes a three dimensional view of human movement.

Developed by Dr. Fritz Smith, zero balancing is a mind-body technique that uses skilled touch to address held tension in the joints in the body. This system addresses both relationship of structure and energy. This is a gentle technique which can leave one feeling relaxed and revitalized and improve postural alignment.

Science based educational techniques that help people to re-examine the origin of their pain and its relationship in the body

Gentle manual therapy technique that addresses the craniosacral system Myofascial release: Soft tissue techniques that mobilize and hydrate the fascial tissue throughout the body.

Instruments designed to treat areas of tissue restriction around joints or in muscles in the body. It is very helpful to break up scar tissue and adhesions formed in the body.

Manual therapy technique designed to assist in correcting the biomechanical movement of joints.

A unique treadmill that allows the user to walk or run in an unweighted environment, lowering the impact on the joints while maintaining normal healing.

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